Sunday, March 10, 2013

N.T. Wright on Genesis 2 & 3

This quick video by N.T. Wright does a fantastic hermeneutical job on Genesis 2 and 3. I'm not actually sure whether N.T. Wright believes in a historical Adam and Eve, but that's the thing--in the message he's describing in this video, it doesn't matter. I think that by overly focusing on the question of Genesis 2 and 3's historicity, we not only get into the kind of nonsensical theologico-scientific debates about how old the earth is or what the "days" or creation correspond to in evolution, but we also get an understanding of Genesis that is entirely "back there" in the past and forget that the narrative of the fall is also intensely personally applicable. The fall narrative, this theme of God giving us something good and perfect and us disobeying and throwing it away, is not just something that happened to the human race once, it is something that happens to us today individually and corporately.

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