Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 18--Eastbrook!

The last two days have been pretty sweet. After we left off yesterday, it was time for planning meetings. The vocational ministry meeting was fairly uneventful, except for Erica joining us from workplace ministry. Also the news that our group would apparently be split between Eastbrook Church and Hopewell for Tuesday through Friday this week. I felt kind of bad for it, but I really didn't want to return to Hopewell. After this was the "weekly weekly meeting meeting", which was pretty good after the success of our first meeting. We're meeting in a nearby church from now on, which will be interesting; I can't wait to see it.

We didn't go to Eastbrook until about noon, so I had plenty of time to eat, have quiet time, listen to music, and start rendering a fractal flame. We'll be ministering this week in the church's learning center, helping adults get their GEDs and work on computer skills. The computer part and the center's focus on building math skills made me very sure that Eastbrook was the place for me, especially considering my experience as a math TA. The director of the center, Bob Brock, was a really cool guy

After learning about the center, we went out to pass out more fliers to the neighborhood, door-to-door. Luckily the weather was much cooler and breezier today, and after a bit of nervousness I got pretty good at going up to doors alone and inviting people to the center. Pretty much everyone was polite and some showed genuine interest, including a few people who said they'd come.

So, needless to say I'll be staying at Eastbrook this week. I'm excited to use the skills God has given me to help people get on their educational feet! Be praying that God will help me and the rest of the team rely on Him and bring His love to Eastbrook, Hopewell, and Straightway this week!

Composed ~4:50 PM, Monday, June 28th

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