Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 7

God rested on the seventh day--today was an amazing combination of rest, learning, and progress with God. We spent a while in the meeting room doing more training--today had a focus on working with children, including quite a bit of child psychology that was pretty interesting. I love working with kids, but now I kind of worry I've been doing it wrong or something. But, it got me more excited for our ministry in the coming weeks!

We ended two hours early at 3:00. I was initially in a daze of confusion, wondering what to do with this unexpected free time, but soon everyone decided to walk to a nearby park. (And study Colossians, which our Bible studies are going through, but I missed that and did not bring my Bible) It was a fun walk through the neighborhood; I find it kind of hard to believe that I've only known everyone for a week, considering how close we're becoming! Once we got there, almost everyone split up and got into Colossians. Not having my Bible, I read and wrote in my journal, then just wandered around the park and did stuff. I climbed a tree, wrote my initials in cement (something I think part of me has always wanted to do), and picked up some trash. It was a great break from the strenuousness of all the teaching.

We came back for 5:00 dinner, which had been generously donated by a friend of Here's Life. After that we had another free hour, which I used to teach some friends the card game Wizard (Google it). It's one of the games I'm hoping to get people into with our meager free time at project.

After this was two hours scheduled for us to have extended time alone with God. I hadn't been looking forward to it as much as I should have since I'd been spending an hour-plus every morning and evening for this purpose, so I decided to do something special. As I was praying beforehand, I suddenly felt led to read through the book of Romans. I had two hours; why not?

So I put on my quiet time playlist (I was in my room) and got into it. It was amazing how as I read the same words as before, everything seemed so much more significant and so many things jumped out at me. I felt like the whole gospel was coming together in my mind; God was definitely bringing the scriptures to life. I underlined what felt like half the book and took about four pages of notes, as well as a summary of God's saving work in us at the end that I'll have to refine later. It was possibly the most God-saturated two hours of my life and I can't wait for next Thursday!

Following this I went back downstairs and introduced people to telephone pictionary! Some took a bit to get the hang of it, but it was an impressively hilarious and random game. As I say, it's the game everyone wins. Anyway, today was amazing; keep praying for our team; that God would help workplace ministry people find jobs and be lights for Him there, and that He would equip the full-time ministry people with all His fullness to be His hands and feet in Milwaukee.

Composed ~9:30, Thursday, June 17th

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