Sunday, April 24, 2011

On Alcohol

I've been 21 for a little over nine months now. Apparently in America it's a tradition to go out drinking for your 21st birthday--can't wait any longer, right? Well, I was on summer project for my 21st birthday, where we weren't allowed to drink, so I just had some blazin' wings instead. After getting back I tried some beer and wine at home--disgusting! They pretty much tasted like something you'd clean a drain with. I swore off alcohol and couldn't imagine why anyone would drink the stuff. Since then, my friends (particularly my good friend Evan, who has become something of a beer connoisseur since turning 21) have been working on me to "see the light". All kinds of rhetoric about it being an "acquired taste".

Finally, after the Good Friday service at Hope Community Church we decided to go to Pizza Luce. Being in the company of good and trusted friends, I decided to give it another chance and let them pick an alcoholic beverage they thought I'd enjoy (the same challenge I'd extended to my dad before). Nathan settled on some English Strongbow cider and I went to town. Unlike the other stuff I'd tried, the noxious taste of the alcohol didn't drown out everything else and I could taste the apples, which was nice for a change. I ended up finishing mine before anyone else, mostly because I drank it like I would drink any other beverage. Apparently that's a mistake.

The results were...interesting. Basically I got chronically dizzy. I also found everything a bit funnier, but it's hard to tell if that wasn't just the fun night with good friends I was having. It wasn't really enjoyable and I still don't get the whole hype about getting "buzzed". What's so fun about being dizzy? Either way, I definitely wouldn't have trusted myself to operate a motor vehicle that night. So, you shouldn't drink and drive. I was still able to figure out the tip easily, so maybe drinking and deriving is okay after all.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

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  1. Echo and I saw your facebook post on the cider, and decided to try it when we ended up at a bar for dinner last night. You're right, it is pretty good. It's the closest thing to beer that I've found palatable, though I have found a few wines that I enjoy. If you have want to give wine another shot I've got some suggestions.