Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rules of Double Monopoly

  • Play with two complete Monopoly sets. Two boards, two sets of properties, two sets of cards, etc. Place the boards next to each other.
  • When a player would advance to the 'GO' space on the board their piece is currently on, they move to the other board's 'GO' space instead. Similarly, if a player would move to a space that is behind them on their current board, they move to that space on the other board. i.e. if a player is on Free Parking and gets a card saying to advance to St. Charles Place, they advance to the St. Charles Place on the other board instead. (They pass GO on the new board and collect $200 as usual)
  • Keep property and Chance/Community Chest cards separated by the board they came from.
  • If a player gets a card saying to pay money, they place the money in the middle of the board they are currently on (to be collected by the player who lands on the Free Parking space of that board).
  • A player is said to have a 'monopoly' on a color if they have at least half the properties of that color. i.e. any three of the six orange properties between the two boards or any two of the four dark blue properties count as a monopoly.
  • If a player had developed a monopoly on a color and gets another property of that color, they cannot build up any of the already-developed properties of that color until the new one 'catches up'.
  • If a player has two undeveloped non-railroad, non-utility properties of the same name that aren't part of a monopoly, the rent on them is doubled.
  • What to do if a player has at least three utilities or five railroads is up to you.

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