Thursday, May 13, 2010

On Fractal Flames

A few posts ago, I realize I mentioned 'fractal flames' without further explanation, in the context of saying how much cooler nebulae are. Fractal flames are hobby of mine, and they're still pretty cool.

Basically, fractal flames are art generated by math. Fractals themselves could be considered a subclass of this, but fractal flames are much more general and artificial. With that said, let's get to the cool pictures!

This one is a 3'x2' poster hanging in my room. My favorite.

So, fractal flames are pretty cool. I post all of them to my Photobucket Account, along with some other regular fractals. The software I made all these with is called Apophysis, which you should totally check out. It takes some practice, but fractal flames are so awesome that it's not too hard to stumble across something awesome, tweak it a bit, and render a great image. Most fractal flames are abstract, but occasionally something discernible jumps out. Both of these were made with a single render, and no editing except color fixing done to them.
And there you have it: the rest of the story of why I'm called Fractal. If you have time, check out Apophysis and make mind-blowingly cool images of your own!

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